Watch Do (1.1.2)

Watch Do is primarily a command line utility that allows you to monitor files for changes using a variety of different methods (MD5 hash of the file, ModificationTime, etc) and then perform actions based on these changes.

The core Watch Do libraries can be used externally from the command line utility to provide similar functionality for use in other scripts and programs.


To install Watch Do, ensure you have pip installed using your distributions package manager and then run the following command:

pip install git+

Basic Usage

You can start making use of Watch Do right away! A basic Watch Do command can be seen below, this watches all .py files recursively using the default watcher (ModificationTime) and then runs make test in the directory that Watch Do was launched in.

watch-do -w '**/*.py' -d 'make test'

Run watch-do --help for more information on what all of the different command line switches do.


The -r (--reglob) switch is often useful to maintain an up-to-date list of files that trigger the doers to run.


This is the list of modules that Watch Do makes use of. All modules are documented to make it easy to integrate within your own project.

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